Jillian Michaels Has Suggestions for Exercises for Women Over 50

Jillian Michaels Has Suggestions for Exercises for Women Over 50

If you want to age gracefully, successfully, and beautifully, you need to keep fit. Choosing a regular workout routine and sticking to it enables your body to burn excess fat while also supporting the brain and body’s functions. Jillian Michaels suggests the following workout routines for women over 50 to help them tone their bodies while also maintaining a younger and healthier look.


Exercises to Strengthen the Bones

Women over 50 become susceptible to bone problems such as hip fractures and osteoporosis as they age. The problems can be as a result of the loss of bone mass that happens when a woman experiences menopause. There are some exercises that these women can engage in to strengthen the bones and protect them from deterioration. These include lunges, light weight lifting, training using resistance bands, bicep and arm curls, among others.


Stretching out the Joints

Joint pains are prone to be frequent with age because of the reduced flexibility of the joint ligaments and tendons. Women over 50 are encouraged to do routine stretches like wrist and ankle circles, twisting the waist from side to side, and doing head and shoulder rolls. Stretching will ensure that joint pains do not hinder your day-to-day activities.


Muscle-Strengthening Exercises

As you age, the muscles begin to stiffen because of decreased muscle fiber and muscle size. This shrinking of the muscles results in various muscle pains. Performing simple exercises such as raising the legs to the side, bicep curls using dumbbells, standing on your toes and repetitive sitting/standing motions can keep the muscles stronger for longer.


Cardiovascular Exercises

Women tend to gain more weight as they approach the age of 50. The weight gain happens as a result of reduced metabolism which then increases the cholesterol levels in the body. Swimming, jogging, dancing, and other aerobic exercises are some cardiovascular exercises that women over 50 should include in their exercise routine.


You do not have to compromise on fitness in your 50s. It is detrimental to your health to slow down after middle age. Women over 50 should make exercise a part of their daily routine to lower the health risks and stay in shape.


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