Shock Your Way to Slimness with the 20-min. EMS program.

Shock Your Way to Slimness with the 20-min. EMS program.

EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation so you can definitively see where this is going. That is right.  You get literally shocked with electrical impulses.  

According to promoters, this program is the equivalent of a 2-hour workout at the gym in 20 minutes. There is a suit involved.  Once you are clad in this futuristic-looking suit, you are ready for your workout. This suit will provide stimulus to your muscles why you are burning them naturally with your routine. 

This suit is equipped with small electrodes that send mild electric shocks to your muscles. The promoters claim that this innovative method can help with weight loss, body-shaping, stamina, and endurance. It appears to also be good to improve back pain and posture. 

Founder of Person 21, Shuaib Al Sulaimani, says that the 20-minute regime produces 30,000 muscle contractions, which is the equivalent of 2 hours of gym workout. 

 The suit, as stated before, is equipped with electrodes located on major muscle groups.  The intensity of the electroshocks will vary depending on what part of the body the stimulus is taking place. 

The program focuses on muscle development, so the exercise is very similar to doing weights - you stimulate the important muscles that will give you the stamina you need. 

A 20-minute session consists of 40 micro-contractions per second. This provides a total of 36,000 contractions during an hour. Users will start seeing results after the 4th session. 

“When fat cells accumulate between the skin and muscle tissues, they lead to bulges on areas such as the thighs, gluteus, and abdomen. Electric current sent to these tissues burns the unwanted fat,” Sulaimani said.

Sulaiamani states that this type of therapy has successfully helped people suffering from back pain. 




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