Explain the quote

Explain the quote "Patience is a virtue"

This proverb is such a cliché that we hear it all the time. Do you know what it really means? The earliest documented mention of patience being a virtue was in the Bible. The Bible assumes everyone knows and understands the real meaning of being patient and how it is a virtue.

Patience can be defined a characteristic of being willing to wait without complaining. How is it o important so that it rises to the stature of being a virtue? There should be more to it than just ‘not complaining’. It is the act of feeling a sense of ‘discomfort’ in that situation.

For example, a woman is ‘patiently’ waiting for her friend to come meet her. While she waits, she watches a bit of television or reads a magazine, and does not complain about the friend being late. Now what makes this remarkable and noteworthy is that the situation calls for the woman to feel discomfort, and yet, not complain and let the situation get the best of her.

In the light of this new development, let us now improve the definition from the one we mentioned above, of the quote ‘patience is a virtue’. We can now say that it is virtuous to be forced to wait without complaining in a situation that otherwise would cause discomfort.

An example from the Bible is Jesus himself who never complains about any person or situation despite the circumstances and the people opposing Him.


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