Use your fear

Use your fear

In order to protect ourselves, we developed fear. It was useful when we lived in the jungle, but now, it isn’t. The main point of fear is to make us avoid any risk and to run away when we feel danger. During the history, we changed, we improved our mind and our emotions. But the fear stayed the same. Because of this, today it can be a problem more than help. The most common lie is when someone says ‘’I am not afraid’’. As you know, fear is the part of every person. So don’t believe to people when they say something like this.

Because you cannot remove fear from your life, you must learn how to live with it. In many cases, fear is leading a person. This means you are afraid of almost anything. Some people even develop many types of phobia. The main cause for their development is fear. In order to avoid being a slave of your own fear, confront to it. Maybe it looks hard, but it is part of you, and you are not part of him! Because of this, you will win. Of course, fear will be inside you, but you will be able to control it.

Imagine your fear as energy. You can use it, or leave it. It is your decision. In fact, fear is a huge source of energy. You can control it if you want. Yes, you will need some time to adapt, but after that, you will be a stronger and powerful person. Simply said, until you don’t beat your fear you are a slave. When you beat it, you are a master.


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