Do vape pens really work to stop smoking?

Do vape pens really work to stop smoking?

There is new research that concludes using E Cigarette like the vape pens can help smokers quit smoking if they use it consistently every day. The vape pens have refillable tanks that deliver a larger dose of nicotine than normal cigarettes. However, studies show that devices like the vape pen are 95% less harmful than smoking a real cigarette.


The studies that posed this hypothesis were conducted in King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry. It is said that a lot of smokers are struggling to quit and the question has been asked if they use e-cigarette pen regularly can they can stop smoking cigarettes. Although the studies do not show that people can actually quit using cigarettes by using a vape pen, there's a lot of evidence to show that if you use it more often you can stop smoking cigarettes.


E-cigarettes have when very popular lately. A study was done with over 1500 smokers with a follow-up with them almost a year later. The study determined that 65% of the e-Cigarette smokers made an attempt to quit smoking after smoking frequently.


The study also showed that 44% of smokers who did not use e-cigarettes were not as likely to decide to quit in the same year. The study does not show that people actually quit within the year but it determined that 14% of the respondents reduced their intake of tobacco to half of what they started at the beginning of the study.


The study concluded that only 5% of cigarette smokers who smoked frequently had quit after a year. It’s important to know that the e-cigarettes are manufactured by the tobacco industry.



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