Women with Operation Scars Are Opting For Tattoos

Women with Operation Scars Are Opting For Tattoos

Scars arising from surgery can have far-reaching effects on most people. For women who have been under the surgeon’s knife develop lifelong insecurities about their bodies. Recent statistics show that modern women are seriously opting to get tattoos as a cosmetic answer for hiding the scars. The women wait at least a year to allow the healing of scars before getting a tattoo. If you have undergone surgery that has left a nasty scar, see a professional tattoo artist who specializes in post-surgery body art, and choose an image suitable for the scar area.

Post-surgery Tattoos

Breast cancer is on the rise, and despite governments and private institutions advocating for frequent screening, there are still many women having single or double mastectomies. Most doctors give their patients two options: undergo breast reconstruction or no reconstruction at all. The procedure leaves glaring scars. Even after breast reconstruction or tummy tucks, the scars are still visible, and they are unattractive. Today women have a third option: mastectomy tattoos.

Though there is an increase in the number of women going to tattoo artists for post-surgery tattoos, many surgery survivors do not consider tattoos as a post-surgery option. The internet has allowed these women to find mastectomy tattoo artists easily. One of the best places to find the artists and tattoo designs is by searching for the P.Ink (Personalized Ink) Pinterest board.

Impact of Post-surgery Tattoos

A large percentage of people consider getting tattoos to signify a milestone, idolize a loved one, or for fun. However, for women who have undergone surgery, the tattoos are more powerful. They not only conceal self-esteem-crushing scars, but they also symbolize an escape from death. They make looking into the mirror bearable.

Professional tattoos artists can do amazing work to make it nearly impossible to see the scars. However, the entire process of covering up the scars can take between 6 months and more than a year depending on the design and how well the scars have healed.

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