Little rock star should always start with mini electric guitar

Little rock star should always start with mini electric guitar

Do you think your little one may go on and create next Beetles? Then it is time to give him perfect gadget to work on that path. An electric guitar can be perfect gift for the music loving kid. Tiger electronics has worked hard to create children friendly guitar. Many string based instruments contain sharp metal wires which are not suitable for soft hands of kids and therefore the designers have replaced them with sensors in Power Tour electric guitar. They can sharpen their skills on batter powered guitar for hours. 

Touch sensors equipped with LED lights will guide your children with real guitar sound. Dual function knobs are there to adjust the sound intensity. To add more to this package, company has uploaded 12 popular songs to learn. Your baby wants to learn latest tune by rihanna? Just plug in the MP3 player and  let the mini concert begin. The guitar analyses the beats of each uploaded song and uses multicolored lights for training instructions of the frets. While I write this, many of you must be getting worried about noise complains by neighbors and even disturbance at home. Just plug in headphones and enjoy your sleep. 

Four AA batteries are sufficient to make this amazing gadget train amature musician at your home. Amplifier and tuner is being separately sold by the company. Learning music can utilize the playing time of kids very well and it also helps in increasing concentration. Who knows this small gadget can set up the career path of your angel.




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