Kegel Exercises Improve Your Bladder and Sex Life

Kegel Exercises Improve Your Bladder and Sex Life

Kegel exercises were named after Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist who recommended them back in the 1940s, for women with urinary incontinence or reduced bladder control that can occur after delivery. This type of exercise is perfect for the muscles that support your urethra, urinary bladder, uterus, and rectum.

Consider starting with Kegel’s exercises because strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles can help prevent or treat urinary stress incontinence, a medical problem that affects up to 70% of women during or after pregnancy. Older women are in the same group, so it is crucial to create a lifelong habit of doing them.

Since improving the circulation of the vaginal and rectal area, this exercise is also a great solution for hemorrhoids. Finally, if you practice Kegel’s exercises every day, you will keep your bladder control and improve the muscle tone of the vagina, which will make your sex life much more enjoyable.

Here are the main instructions for the exercises:

1. Strongly squeeze the pelvic floor as if you want to stop urination. Hold the contraction for 4 to 5 seconds and then slowly release the muscles. Repeat this 10 to 15 times, several times a day. You can do this anytime and anywhere.

2. Lie on your back with your legs apart and relax the upper body. Contract the muscles in the lower abdomen and lower the lower pelvis to the floor. Concentrate on the muscles around the bladder and the vagina. Put your hand over the pubic bone and lift up. Stay in this position for two to three seconds, and then relax.

3. Take a comfortable position lying on the floor and imagine riding an elevator. As the imaginary elevator goes up, gradually tighten the muscles of the pelvis, and when it "goes down", relax them. Always stop the muscles of the lower part of the pelvis by clamping, and return to the original position





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