What is a nutritarian and how would it change your lifestyle?

What is a nutritarian and how would it change your lifestyle?

A typical weight loss program focuses on a list of rules that control or regulate the intake of calories. The problem with this kind of program is that its sole focus is on the weight loss part of the problem. 

Becoming a nutritarian is unlike any other form of lifestyle that moves in the direction of weight loss or healthy management of weight. The focus is not on the weight loss, but rather on eating the right food. This is key to success for any weight loss program.

Rather than restrict the intake of food, the nutritarian lifestyle allows you eat as much as you want but with less calorie intake.

A nutritarian has the luxury to lose weight and keep it off as well. The key philosophy of a nutritarian lifestyle is that when your body is completely nourished, it will come to its ideal weight without any other extra effort.

The key to a nutritarian lifestyle is to focus on food that is high in nutrients and remove all the unhealthy food from your diet that is considered as having low nutrient value.

You don't have to go cold turkey on any food. Instead, you let your body adapt to this lifestyle slowly. Replace your cravings for fatty, processed, and unhealthy food with food that nourishes you instead.

A nutritarian consumes food that is very high in nutrients and plant based. Consumption of animal food is reduced as well. There is a limit to consuming toxic foods, such as processed food, sugar, and white flour.

The focus is on fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. There is no calculation of calories.

A nutritarian listens to what the body needs, thus feels empowered to heal yourself and will love your body.

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