Kick These Habits And Take Control Of Your Life

Kick These Habits And Take Control Of Your Life

Looking for ways to improve your lifestyle but don’t know where to start? There are numerous ways for a better lifestyle, and they all start with changing your habits. Here are the five that are the most essential.

Being a “Couch Potato”

Instead of spending all of your free time on the couch, you should have a minimum of 75 minutes of strong aerobic activity, or two and a half hours of light aerobic activity each week. Adding at least two days of strength training to your weekly aerobic activity regime, will improve your overall health, improve your bone and muscle density, and improve your metabolism, which is a huge plus if you need to shed some weight.


Drinking Alcohol Regularly

Drinking alcohol on a daily basis is a sure way of endangering your health. You shouldn’t have more than one drink daily and not over 8 weekly. Stepping over these “limitations” regularly will cause problems with your body, such as gaining weight, injuries caused by falls in a drunken state, as well as chronic diseases such as various cancers, pancreatitis, and liver cirrhosis.

Non-stop Complaining

Complaining is counterproductive. When you are in a situation you think you have no control over, you may think that complaining is tricking your brain to believe that you are actually doing something to change that situation. The truth is you aren’t doing anything. Instead, every time you catch yourself complaining, focus your attention on the good things and try to make a plan that will fix the problem.

Bedtime Internet Surfing

We all know that we need from 7 to 9 hours of sleep in order to remain healthy and function normally throughout the day. Checking the latest stories and posts on Facebook while tucked in bed before sleep means that you are exposing yourself to the sleep-disturbing blue light, which disrupts your normal sleep rhythm.


We understand that quitting is easier to say than doing, but you have to be determined! Switching from traditional cigarettes to E-Cigs isn’t helping your body either, because the E-Juice also contains nicotine, and lung and carcinogens irritants. So, instead of trying to quit and fooling yourself that E-Cigs are not unhealthy, gather the strength to quit smoking completely, right now!


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