A Good Samaritan: Mother Teresa

A Good Samaritan: Mother Teresa

“Intense love does not measure, it just gives”, these are the words of one of the most humble and loving lady, Mother Teresa. She was the mother of love, the mother of care, the mother of affections and the mother for peace and forgiveness. Above all, she was the mother of the unloved, uncared and of the forgotten and forbidden ones whom the world never looked back upon. She did what many would shy away from and excuse themselves of. She became a nun sister to the Mother for all. She lived life of a true and perfect disciple of Jesus Christ on this earth and showed the world that love can make the biggest difference.  

Of the Albanian descent, she came to India and started the infamous and charitable, Missionaries of Charity and operating more than 500 missions all across the globe. When she died in 1997 due to failing health and heart problems, the UN General Secretary stated that, “She is the UN and the peace in the world”. She received the Nobel Peace Prize, Ramon Magsayay Award, Bharat Ratna, Padma Shri and many honorary awards for her solemn and selfless dedication and works.
She was the World’s Most Admired figure, who did everything with a smile and showing love. She was firmly against abortion and divorce and so often became a controversial figure for it. she was criticized also by many who would not even think about doing half of what she did, but she gave her ears for the helpless, destitute, desperate and hopeless. She saw them all as Christ in disguise and always lend a hand even for the lepers and AIDS patients. She was a rare treasure that God gave this world.




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