Clintons Earned More than USD 30 Million since January 2014

Clintons Earned More than USD 30 Million since January 2014

According to a financial report obtained by CNN, Bill and Hillary Clinton have earned more than USD 30 million since January last year. The report was confirmed by one of Hillary Clinton's campaign aides. Most of the money was earned by Hillary as she gave speeches in a comprehensive US tour prior to announcing her presidential campaign. The form reveals that the Clintons made USD 25.3 million through Hillary's speeches which summed up to 104 in the period.

More than USD 5 million was earned by the Clintons from royalties and an advance on Hillary’s memoirs, called “Hard Choices.” The financial report was filed by Clinton on Friday to the Federal Election Commission, as that is required from all presidential candidates who declared their bid before April 15 and did not ask for an extension.

Most of the speeches that brought money to the Clintons took place on U.S. soil. Only a few were given in Canada and Mexico, the report says. The biggest amount Hillary Clinton was given for a speech summed up to USD 335,000. The speech was given at Qualcomm Inc. in San Diego in October last year.

While Hillary’s speeches are predominantly domestic, Bill’s often address the international audience. For instance, he received money for speaking in London for Bank of America, as well as addressing a food forum in Sweden. Even if he appeared via a satellite, Bill Clinton was paid for speaking – as was the case in Miami.  



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