Disadvantages of being a child of Celebrity

Disadvantages of being a child of Celebrity

Being a child of celebrity is advantageous and disadvantageous both for Child. Here we would be discussing certain disadvantages which a Child has when he/she is born in a family of celebrity. Life of a celebrity Kid is not so fascinating as it seems to outer world. First and the most important disadvantage is that their parents don’t have time to look after them .Celebrities are always busy in working, acting or recording tasks, so hardly spend quality time in home. Since their parents are known to everyone, these Kids become special and media or people always chase them, they don’t get their private time. Every time that kid have to think of his parent’s reputation and status. He can’t play in sand, jump from riders, or do other enjoyable things which a normal Kid does. Other noticeable disadvantage is that your parents are famous so everyone including your parents expects the same or even more from you. Every time you will be compared with your parents work and this will have a constant pressure resulting in stress on you. Sometimes, it is seen that, you as a Child work hard to complete any task, but the credit of that work is given to your parents by saying “Like father ,Like son “etc. Your Life sometimes is also at risk when you are born in celebrity home. Because famous people generally have their rivals who are constantly watching them and waiting for a chance to harm them.



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