Looks Count In Your Decisions Of The Other Person, But So Does The Character

Looks Count In Your Decisions Of The Other Person, But So Does The Character

Being good-looking and beautiful can earn you some more money than someone else who is not as good-looking, but may be more qualified or skilled than you. Attractive people rule the roost when questions of social interaction or psychological interaction are broached.

The point is that one gets attracted towards good-looking people. This makes them more likely to deal with whenever there is an interaction. Attractive people are more likely to get more attention. This can even translate into attractive people bagging a lot more offers and contracts than those who are not as good-looking.

To study this, social scientists conducted a study that had NFL quarterbacks compared with their salaries and their looks. To quantify results, a computer program was employed to measure facial symmetry. An individual player had symmetry scores of 92 out of 100.

Individuals are considered attractive when there is a distance between the eyes and the mouth is  about 36 per cent of its length. A person is considered to be attractive when there is a separation of about 46 per cent of the width of the face.

There were some other studies conducted in this regard. Executives at the head of companies who look good are more likely to make profits for the company. This time again, facial features like the ratio of nose length to ear length were considered.

At the end of the day, it turns out that the world is not that brutal after all. Though physical appearance is found to be an asset, yet there are many other things like character and talent that can change the opinion about someone.


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